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warning: things might get weird.
showing off the new piercings.

showing off the new piercings.

shirts and stickers?

hey peeps. does anyone have any suggestions on what the best site for selling t-shirts and stickers is? i wanna start making shirts but i’d like some input from the internet first. who has really nice print quality, shipping, customer service, ect. wanna have some nice stuff in time for X Con next month if possible.

use your inside voice.

use your inside voice.

celestial anime cat being.

celestial anime cat being.

art is making me very frustrated lately. drawing this little baby swamp monster thing helped blow off steam though.

art is making me very frustrated lately. drawing this little baby swamp monster thing helped blow off steam though.

drew a bunch of different goblins and trolls to get rid of some stress. i really like drawing little goofy monster people. someone hire me to draw little goofy monster people all day.

anime woes.

hey tumblr friends, should i try to go to anime weekend atlanta this year for artist alley? last year i blew out my wrist drawing commissions, we didn’t break even, and our spot was pretty bad. factoring in the fact that tables are gonna be more expensive this year, it’s a 6 hour drive, i have to take 5 days off from work for it, and we might be in a Bad Spot again i just don’t know. would you internet friends stop by and at least chat with me if i did? or should i forget it and save the money?

working on demon concepts for the next monster anthology. trying to come up with ideas that don’t turn into creepy horror stories and lean more towards light and cute.

if i can keep sickness at bay for like, two days maybe comics can happen.

my art game has been very weak lately so i decided to try drawing cute pokemons.  the gengar family is pretty fun.

i feel a lot better now that i’ve posted some art and proven that i’m not dead. now i can roll back up into my sickness cocoon and try to sleep off the rest of this terrible week-long cold.  (╯︵╰,)

mushroom royalty hanging out with a giant olm-like friend.

mushroom royalty hanging out with a giant olm-like friend.

mama fairy and her babies rest for a bit during a migration flight.

mama fairy and her babies rest for a bit during a migration flight.

Christmas Times

wake up a little before noon, cooking has begun.

mom gives me a grapefruit and my little sisters hide in the shadows waiting for me to peel it so they can steal some.

jokes on them, i peel it and and only take one section, splitting the rest into two equal halves and giving them one each.

their joy soon turns to feeling like douchebags and the try to threaten me into eating more while i laugh and laugh. they try to give some of theirs back, but when they’re not looking i just give it to my mom.

they curse my name.

my mom makes two dinners because our neighbors are sick and their visiting children are lazy. they did not ask for this, my mom just tends to mom super hard when she sees hungry people.

dad is being a grumpy butt because he hates holidays and decides to go out alone on a christmas adventure (?), left really late though because he got too caught up watching ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ with my little sister. discussion is made of bad animated dads and how the dad from ‘Happy Feet’ is the worst. he tries to be a little less butt-like after discussion but is still being sassy to everyone when he leaves. drama queen.

tummy starts to hurt. my sister finds one last ginger ale, gives it to me, i burp like a champ and feel a million times better. it’s a dang crimbus miracle.

later i find a fruit roll up and give it to her. my other sisters steals it.

those are all the gifts given. we are all broke.

mom finds some groovin’ to the 90’s cd fully uploaded to youtube and blasts it from the living room computer. we stand in a circle holding hands and mom says a prayer to the tune of ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’. my little sister dances with her eyes closed. my brother just won’t stop scratching his dang belly. is it really that itchy? really?????

tiny dance party

food is so good holy cow.

text peeps.

alright christmas is done everybody go chill and nap or watch weird documentaries or anime or whatever. tomorrow we all have to go to work and it is going to suck.

yeah. merr chrimbus.

anon wave. gonna answer some stuff and vent.

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i have been editing this text post literally all day and i still keep deleting it every hour. i feel there is no real way to say the things i want to say without hating everything for having to say them. in related news, yes, i know my art is being mad stolen all over the internet. no, i don’t like it. yes i read all of your wonderful notes thank you all. no i don’t know what to do about it and the stress from it is really compounding my terrible life stress.


oh well, when all else fails draw and stuff all the bad thoughts deep deep in your heart where you can’t hear them. at least for now.

maybe i’ll send my babies to the oc ball. drawing fancy clothes makes me feel better.