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hey everybody you wanna get some books full of illustrations and comics about demons?

trick question because of course you do because that is an awesome idea and many awesome people will be in it. be on the look-out for this rad thing that is happening!

i made a blink.

i made a blink.

small sacrifices

small sacrifices

"stretched out tired on solid ground

head wounds growing flower crowns”

drawing some forest ghosts at night.

welp. got a redbubble account but quickly found out that there is no way to make one image just a sticker or just a shirt. this is a thing i really wish that i knew before making an account.

this means many of my images are too small to even work because i work crazy small and i’m the dumbest. also a lot of the images i want to do stickers for would look kinda bleh on shirts and vice versa anyway. i’m starting to think that this idea is kinda shot for right now.

does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? if not, does anyone know of any places the do super affordable nice quick stickers (even though that’s probably impossible)?

can’t original art because of stress so it’s fanart time.

here are some Puffs.

showing off the new piercings.

showing off the new piercings.

shirts and stickers?

hey peeps. does anyone have any suggestions on what the best site for selling t-shirts and stickers is? i wanna start making shirts but i’d like some input from the internet first. who has really nice print quality, shipping, customer service, ect. wanna have some nice stuff in time for X Con next month if possible.

use your inside voice.

use your inside voice.

celestial anime cat being.

celestial anime cat being.

art is making me very frustrated lately. drawing this little baby swamp monster thing helped blow off steam though.

art is making me very frustrated lately. drawing this little baby swamp monster thing helped blow off steam though.

drew a bunch of different goblins and trolls to get rid of some stress. i really like drawing little goofy monster people. someone hire me to draw little goofy monster people all day.

anime woes.

hey tumblr friends, should i try to go to anime weekend atlanta this year for artist alley? last year i blew out my wrist drawing commissions, we didn’t break even, and our spot was pretty bad. factoring in the fact that tables are gonna be more expensive this year, it’s a 6 hour drive, i have to take 5 days off from work for it, and we might be in a Bad Spot again i just don’t know. would you internet friends stop by and at least chat with me if i did? or should i forget it and save the money?

working on demon concepts for the next monster anthology. trying to come up with ideas that don’t turn into creepy horror stories and lean more towards light and cute.

if i can keep sickness at bay for like, two days maybe comics can happen.

my art game has been very weak lately so i decided to try drawing cute pokemons.  the gengar family is pretty fun.